4 Occasions You Didn’t Expect to Need a Lawyer

Prepaid legal insurance

Most people think that as long as they don’t plan to rob a convenience store at gunpoint, they probably won’t need to pay for a lawyer. While staying away from a life of crime isn’t a bad life plan, almost everyone is going to need an attorney at some point. The most common reasons you might need litigation, even if you are so law-abiding that you wear a seat belt to go through a car wash, are as follows:

  1. Marital Bliss
    It’s a thing no one wants to plan for. Divorce. Unfortunately, divorce is common. 66% of divorces are initiated by the wife; however 100% of the parties involved in divorce need legal council. 33% of the time a divorce involves children, bringing custody lawyers into our circle of trust.
  2. Business
    Obviously, you know you’ll need a lawyer if you start a business. And you probably expect to seek legal council if you make a big purchase, such as buying a home. You might not expect to need legal council if you sign a smaller contract or lease though. Buying or leasing a car happens to be the most common legal need that arises.
  3. Defense
    Even if you have the best intentions, you still might end up on the defense-end of a legal proceeding one day. We live in a lawsuit-friendly society. Being served with a lawsuit is probably not on your bucket list, but still a possible part of life.

    And let’s be honest, even good people find themselves in need of a criminal defense lawyer sometimes. In fact, legal aid for traffic violations is the 7th most common reason a lawyer is consulted. If we get to the nitty gritty- nearly one and a half million people are going to be arrested for their first DUI this year. That is nearly one and a half million people who didn’t expect to need a lawyer the day before they were served with a DUI.
  4. Offense
    Sometimes you need a lawyer just to be fairly compensated when disaster strikes. You obviously aren’t planning to be in a car wreck or to receive faulty medical care, but if that happens, you will need advice from your lawyer immediately.

    Even if you’re not looking for a reason to be involved in a lawsuit, it might be looking for you- almost 5 million people in the US alone that have needed lawyers because they became victims of fraudulent weight-loss solutions probably didn’t plan on it.

Legal Plans for Individuals

One way to make sure that you have the best legal coverage at the moment you need it is to keep several hundred lawyers on retainer for the several hundred legal predicaments that could arise.

If that doesn’t seem like a prudent use of resources, you could also open a search engine and type “Legal Plans for Individuals”. Becoming a member of a legal plan involves paying a small monthly fee for access to a network of lawyers in every area of expertise, whenever you need them. Think of it as a form of legal insurance- you probably won’t need to use all of the services most legal plans for individuals offer, but one legal “car wreck” will make you glad you have it.

Are you a member of a legal plan? We want to hear any pros and cons of it! Please leave a comment and tell us about your experience.