3 Reasons to Find a Divorce Lawyer

If you’re facing a difficult situation and need guidance, divorce attorneys in your area can be your lifeline. When you’re contemplating divorce, it’s essential to explore your options for a divorce consultation. Start by obtaining a divorce information sheet, which can help you understand the process and your rights.

Once you’ve decided to take the step, you might wonder, “I have filed for divorce, now what?” That’s when an experienced attorney can answer your divorce and separation-related questions. They can guide you through the legal maze, ensuring you make informed decisions.

As your divorce proceedings progress, you may wonder, “What does it mean when a divorce case is closed?” A closed case typically indicates that the court has finalized your divorce. Your attorney will keep you informed every step of the way and help you understand what is informal separation and divorce and what they both offer you.

If you’re considering an informal separation, it’s crucial to understand what it entails and how it may impact your divorce. Your attorney can clarify the implications. You may be wondering “I have filed for divorce now what?” Your local divorce experts can offer legal guidance and advice specific to your unique situation.

Don’t navigate this challenging time alone. Find legal support in your neighborhood. Skilled divorce attorneys are ready to assist you, offering the guidance and expertise you need during this challenging journey.


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Marriage can be a wonderful thing, but there is no shame in realizing that your relationship may not be healthy for you. You could try to resolve these issues through marriage counseling, but typically therapy is just a precursor to divorce down the road.

But don’t worry, you are far from the only person who needs to find a divorce lawyer. Actually, in recent years it has become a relatively common occurrence considering it is more accepted and seen as a way to improve quality of life. So what are the driving forces behind most divorces?:

    1. Incompatibility: This is a relatively simple problem that can be easier to notice than many others. Around 19.2% of divorced couples attest it to incompatibility. But this does not necessarily mean they are fighting often, but even just that they have different interests and don’t enjoy spending time together.


    1. Substance abuse: Besides just being terrible for your health, heavy drinking and drug abuse has lead to as many as 16.2% of divorces. A partner can easily draw inwards and focus on their addictions, throwing their spouse to the wayside. Some may not believe this problem will get better with divorce help, but it can actually be just the push addicts need to get back on their feet.


  1. Infidelity: This is the most common cause for divorce. According to a study published in the Journal of Family Issues, infidelity is the cause of 21.6% of divorces. Before people try to find a divorce lawyer, they will often seek out counseling, but even couple therapists report that 50% of their case load is due to cheating. According to the statistics, a good chunk of these people will end up filing divorce papers.

The cost of divorce lawyers is a small price to pay to regain your happiness. People change as they age and it’s only natural that a relationship will follow suit. Do you feel that you need to find a divorce lawyer?